El tema que surgió como un mal chiste tratando de dar algo que pensar a los estudiantes derivó en este pensamiento. Tal vez el lector no ha pensado que en los medio actuales se mencional ambiente. Dentro de mi investigación vi un artículo que mencionaba que ya no se debe de decirmedio ambiente sino soloContinue reading “¿POR QUÉ MEDIO AMBIENTE Y NO COMPLETO?”

What is Sustainability? Definition and types

KEY TAKEAWAY Sustainability is ability to maintain or support a process over time. Definition Sustainability is an important social objective that aims to provide humans with long term safe living. Specific sustainability concepts are hard to accept and therefore differ from literature and time. The concepts are suited for guiding decisions globally at a personal,Continue reading “What is Sustainability? Definition and types”

5 Benefits of being a Responsible Consumer

Being a responsible consumer is not just a trend, but a well-defined concept and lifestyle. Nowadays, you can choose where and from whom to buy. In addition, you have a better idea about how any of the products you are going to consume are manufactured. This allows you to be responsible and choose one orContinue reading “5 Benefits of being a Responsible Consumer”

Understanding Energy Behavior

Before understanding what energy behavior is, let’s explain why it is essential to know the consumer’s behavior towards energy consumption. Nowadays, the news is packed with climate change, climate urgency, low carbon, or carbon capture keywords. If someone has been living under a rock will realize the significant difference in weather and food and theContinue reading “Understanding Energy Behavior”

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 – European Islands Green recovery

A summary on the green recovery of EU islands The EU Sustainable Energy Week, a 3-day online policy conference, offers interactive and informative experiences following the theme “Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth.”This is the time for a green recovery by investing in renewables, clean mobility, energy-efficient houses, and more. BothContinue reading “EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 – European Islands Green recovery”

An introduction to energy

As discussed in the previous post, the definition of energy is the ability to work. This “ability” can be expressed as a movement, heat, radiation or computation. Formally are called mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical or nuclear. Additionally, there is power, and there is Installed power. It is essential to state the difference as the firstContinue reading “An introduction to energy”