EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 – European Islands Green recovery

A summary on the green recovery of EU islands

The EU Sustainable Energy Week, a 3-day online policy conference, offers interactive and informative experiences following the theme “Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth.”
This is the time for a green recovery by investing in renewables, clean mobility, energy-efficient houses, and more. Both IRENA and the IEA proposed funding in the only sector that grew under the pandemic: renewables. This solution will directly address one of the biggest economic shocks of this century by growing sustainably and fight global warming with green recovery.
The second day of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 demonstrated that the H2 sector had found its place, helping the Green Deal address the challenges of the energy transition and the coronavirus pandemic.
During the second day, under the session of Hydrogen for a green recovery of European Islands offered participants reviews from energy utilities and hydrogen and fuel associations, like the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Undertaking, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Association, Enagas, Polaris, and HDF. They were presenting cases in Dutch, French, Scottish, and Spanish islands.
Islands face different energy challenges because of its geography and climate situation. Additionally, islands’ economies usually experience unbalanced seasonal demand, due to tourism and its related activities, but especially this year, islands have been greatly affected by COVD-19. The review of planned, new and ongoing projects showed their findings, underlying their potentials and opportunities.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Deployments in the Orkney Islands of Scotland
BIG HIT, Hydrogen production from renewables. Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Deployments in the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

The benefits that Hydrogen can have in islands are manifold. Some of those benefits are allowing coupling with renewable energy, reducing CO2 pollution from the energy and transportation sector, and economic growth by developing technology according to their natural resources.
The session pronounced the need to accelerate the clean energy transition on all EU islands. The Green Deal has the potential to transform the island’s economy in clean and up-to-date systems.

There is still more happening in this #EUSEW2020. You can see the program in this link.

Do you have questions or comments? I’ll be happy to read you.

More will be written about each of the fascinating islands projects.


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