Ready, Set, Go!

Sometimes the most important is not the beginning but just starting.

Many years ago, back in high school, I wanted to write a blog partly because I wanted to learn how to code, and I think writing is therapy. Neither of those things happened. Life happened. Back on those days, the internet and websites were just new. I remember that in the University webpages didn’t even have a block so you could access anything you liked. We learned this when we mistyped Hotmail and only write the first three letters. You might imagine that hot will lead you to not something related to a campfire but something wilder.

Why writing about energy?

  • Energy is everywhere. It powers our human cells and the battery cells in our phones.
  • Energy is broad. As mentioned before, because you can find it everywhere, it is mentioned in both science and spiritual articles.
  • Energy as electricity. In this blog, we’ll stick to the power behind the power outlet, it’s past, present and future.

Now, we get to the point of defining the term energy.

What is energy? According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, energy is:

  • The capacity of being active.
  • The use of power.
  • A usually positive spiritual force.

Its fourth definition is what interests us and what this blog is about. And what I will define in my next post.

If you get to this point thanks. Please continue and read my other posts.


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