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How and Why.

Have you ever wonder how a lighting bulb works? Why some prefer metro to car? Or, why some communities are considering to put a solar panel on their roof? In my blog I post about how energy is generated from different sources and its effect on society; and why people choose one way of energy over another.

To Energy and Beyond, tEaB for short is managed by Mars Lozano. She is a graduate from Environmental Technology with experience in project management, supply chain, and start-ups in sectors like energy, pharma and education. She is the go-to-person for visionary, and innovative solutions in procurement and engaging content for sustainable technology, digitization, and mindfulness. Her phrase: “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Let’s deepen our knowledge on how energy intertwines and powers the most essential things, from the gas in our kitchen stove, helping pumping our water to our wifi.

PS. We are also fans of LEGO and SciFi stories.

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