5 Benefits of being a Responsible Consumer

Being a responsible consumer is not just a trend, but a well-defined concept and lifestyle. Nowadays, you can choose where and from whom to buy. In addition, you have a better idea about how any of the products you are going to consume are manufactured. This allows you to be responsible and choose one or the other option.

Did you know that your savings can also be responsible?
In other words, you can alter your consumption pattern and really adjust it to your needs and those of the planet. In this way, you will be doing your bit for social equality and you will be helping the environment.

What is responsible consumption?
Socially responsible consumption is an attitude that is reflected in critical and conscious consumption and in the efficient use of the resources available in your home.

It is choosing under good criteria of price, social impact, quality, environmental impact and the ethics of the companies that develop and offer these services or products. Consumption and day-to-day savings are compatible.

Benefits of responsible consumption

Responsible consumption can bring you a multitude of advantages:

  1. Social equality: When you choose products endorsed with the Fair Trade seal, you contribute to building a balanced environment for all the inhabitants of the planet. This trade model is equivalent to gender equality, access to clean water, a decent life, decent wages, and the absence of child labor or education, among other initiatives aimed at improving the social economy.
  2. Biodiversity: By being a responsible consumer you generate less impact on the environment. Reduce, recycle and reuse, and you will help protect the planet’s limited natural resources.
  3. Economic savings: Responsible consumption, for example of water and electricity, is linked to economic savings. Saving water and energy is an essential task that we have to do, and it not only benefits our pocket but also contributes to the preservation of our planet.

Profile of the responsible consumer

Consumers care about sustainability now more than ever, according to the latest Nielsen survey data. This study reveals that millennials are the driving force behind the shift towards sustainable products and are more than twice as likely to make decisions based on environmental impact.

According to a study on the sustainable consumption habits of today’s consumers conducted by the OCU and NESI, “73% of Spaniards already make consumption decisions based on ethical or sustainability reasons.” This study shows that conscientious consumers do not understand their commitment as a simple question of purchasing habits, of goods they buy or do not buy, of suppliers they hire or do not hire. Rather, it is a vital attitude and a way of being in the world.

A responsible consumer is a person who is informed and aware of his or her consumption habits. In addition to knowing and demanding their rights as a consumer, they seek the consumption option with the least possible negative impact on the environment and with a positive effect on society. This responsible way of consuming translates into many small acts and daily decisions.

Responsible consumption tips

To practice social and responsible consumption you should:

  • Be aware of how many things you don’t need. Some of the things you do need are subject to planned obsolescence, but many others can be fixed.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic you use. If we all do our bit, we can significantly reduce plastic consumption in our homes with a few simple tricks.
  • Choose Fair Trade products in all areas. There is a wide variety of alternatives that you probably don’t know about.
  • Consume local products and reduce the environmental impact.
  • Opt for responsible, ethical, and transparent alternatives that you can find in sectors such as connectivity, banking, and electricity.

In short, being a responsible consumer makes you aware of the impact you have on the planet and, thus, you can contribute to improving the quality of life of all the people who inhabit it. So, if you haven’t already done so, practice socially responsible consumption!


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